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World Affairs Review (WAR) is curated bookmarking website. Launched in December 2017, our purpose is to take an intelligent and comprehensive look, at the multifaceted nature of international relations and politics.

We live in a closely integrated world. There is an urge among nations, to act for collective good. However, the very tools that help us integrate; threaten to leave us splintered. Despite our urge for peaceful co-existent, our harness seems to fail. Countries continue to be motivated in their actions, by the desire of self-interest and self-preservation.

Governments are no longer the only stakeholders in international relations. Transnational corporations, non-government organisations, pressure groups, think tanks, international media, religious bodies, and non-state actors exert far greater influence on the way their nations think. Despite these varied pull and pressures on the psyche of nations and its leaders, common sense demands that we act in cohesion, or face mutual annihilation.

A lot is being done across the world – to learn from our past, work in the present and face challenges of the future. Thousands of hours is spent, each day, in bilateral meetings, multilateral bodies, think tanks, academic institutions,  research organisations, and media debates to analyse global issues and find solutions to some of the most pressing problems that our world faces.

World Affairs Review believes there is a greater need than ever, to bring about the cohesive assimilation of our understandings; beyond the geographies and rigidities that divide us. This is therefore an effort to bring international relations and politics back under the spotlight.

World Affairs Review is just beginning to take shape. We are in the process of scaling up our coverage to deliver daily news briefs, in-depth analysis, reviews, interviews, commentaries, and essays on international politics. Read us to understand the news, views, events and trends that shape our world.

Our coverage of international relations and politics across issues, regions and organisations will include:

  • Daily news briefs and updates.
  • In-depth analysis on events and issues.
  • Commentaries and essays offering a broader perspective on the events, issues and context.
  • Reports on events including debates, conferences, papers, roundtables and discussions.
  • Book launches, report publications, author interviews and expert opinions.

Who will this website serve?

  • Policymakers
  • Researchers
  • Diplomats
  • Governments
  • Publications
  • International organizations
  • Foreign affairs experts
  • Universities, research institutions and think tanks
  • Students of politics & international affairs.
  • General public with interest in world issues.